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Amateur Spy Tips

Monitoring your home may sometimes require extraordinary measures, such as spying on individuals within your own household. From a cheating spouse to a misbehaving teenager to a sticky-fingered roommate, there are times when you may have to covertly observe a person’s actions before you can confront certain behaviors. As disturbing as this time in your life may be, the last thing that you need is to waste time guessing about how to best gather the information that you need to bring certain situations to a halt. We hope to eliminate some of that guesswork with the reading of this post.

You’ve Been Warned

A word of caution is in order before spying on anyone, even within your own home. First, realize that some spy tactics are illegal in certain jurisdictions. Before using any of the following tips, we suggest that you research all applicable laws to be sure that you are not violating any with your amateur spy activities. Also, realize that once you begin covertly monitoring certain activities, you may end up discovering more than you bargained for. While we are sure that you would like to know the truth of whatever situation you are dealing with, we hope that you will take time to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself to maturely handle any possible outcome.

Watch and Listen

There are a number of surveillance techniques that will allow you to quietly observe a person from a remote location. For instance, a strategically placed voice-activated tape recorder can help record hours of audio conversations. A home video camera may also be useful in capturing both audio and video footage. These items, however, are often difficult to position in a location where they will not be noticed. In addition to this, weak batteries and background noise can often render these items useless as dependable spy devices.

Instead, we recommend using surveillance systems that were specifically designed for covert, remote use. The best products in this category are the ones that look like other functional devices, but actually serve dual purposes. For instance, the functional smoke detector covert color camera not only works to protect a home from smoke and fire danger, but also covertly records audio as well as video surveillance footage. A device like this one is rarely suspected as being a spy device since smoke detectors are so common in every home and business throughout the nation. When was the last time that you even took a second look at one in someone’s home, much less wondered whether it was recording your every move?

Follow That Car

If your spy activities ever lead you outside of the home, it is important that you know how to inconspicuously follow someone. We’ve all seen a television drama or two where someone directly tails someone just by following a few cars behind them. Or, worse, where someone jumps into a cab and yells, “follow that car!” Sure, these methods can work, but neither one of these techniques are the most effective when it comes to truly following someone that you suspect of wrong-doing.

A better way to approach finding out where your teen is sneaking off to or where your missing money is being spent is to use a car that your suspect does not recognize. Also, instead of following directly behind a person, even two or three cars behind them, follow them from a safe distance in a neighboring lane, if possible. The likelihood of you being noticed in the rear of the same lane is greater since this is the most obvious place that someone paranoid of being caught is likely to look. Unless very experienced in being followed, few people will identify an unfamiliar car that is several car lengths behind them in a neighboring lane as a tail.

Record Those Keystrokes

These days, home security often leads us down high tech pathways. Before you break the law by stealing a cheating spouse’s password or spend hours trying to research your kid’s Internet history, consider investing in spy software that you can place on your home computer. Devices like the Spy Cobra Deluxe PC Monitoring USB Flash Drive will record every single keystroke made on a computer and will even allow you to watch these keystrokes in real time! Should you not be able to monitor a computer’s activities as they occur, this nifty device will also record screenshots and even email them to you for later scrutiny (and evidence).

Just In Case

While we hope that you’ll never have reason to use any of these tips, we also hope that we have given you a few worthwhile ideas just in case you do. Remember, to investigate all local, state and federal laws about using these spy techniques before you actually do so.

Sound Off

How have you managed to covertly collect information in order to confront someone close to you in the past? Tell us about the spy techniques you’ve tried and how they’ve worked for you.