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Burglars Caught on Video by Lorex Surveillance

In mid May, Jose Alonso’s wife came home to find her house in the Quebrada Arriba de Cayey neighborhood in Puerto Rico had been broken into.  The thieves made off with $4,000 worth of stolen goods, including a television and some jewelry.  Alonso knew that it was two burglars who broke into his house in broad daylight because he caught the armed culprits on video with his Lorex Surveillance System that he had bought at Home Security Store.

“I bought the system for under $400 and set it up myself.  I had it up and running in less than one hour.    It was also easy to program.  The cameras can be setup to record once motion is detected or can be set to a schedule,” Alonso told Home Security Store.

Alonso and his wife quickly went to the local police department and showed investigators the surveillance footage, which showed the suspects prying open a door, entering the home, and then walking out the door with the loot.  In turn, the police went to the media releasing the footage and suspect descriptions.

“From the footage you could see what the two suspects were wearing and how tall they are.  You could also clearly see that one suspect has a star tattoo on the back of his neck,” Alonso said.

The suspects were also armed with a silver 357 revolver and other pistols.  The images of the suspects were broadcast on local TV news stations and the video was posted on the front page of the online version of the main newspaper in Puerto Rico (El Nuevo Dia).

Investigators have received several anonymous tips, but the suspects are still at large.  Since the burglary, Alonso has added two more cameras to his existing Lorex system.  Therefore, the perimeter of his home is covered and so too is the driveway.  Alonso says if someone drives near his home, he will now be able to capture on video the car’s license plate.

IPhone App helps Dallas man out of state see Home Burglary

An iPhone application helped a Dallas man, while visiting relatives hundreds of miles away in suburban Hartford, Connecticut watch as two burglars broke into his home.

Vincent Hunter told WFAA-TV in Dallas that he called 911 at the same time his home security system also contacted authorities.

Hunter says “we could see it unfolding.”

Hunter says an iCam app, which he bought for less than $5, sent him a text message Friday afternoon alerting him that motion detectors sensed movement in his supposedly empty residence.

Hunter, who has surveillance in his home, watched as two men are seen trying to break into the place. They eventually threw a brick through a glass door.  The cameras, minutes later, show two police officers entering the house.

Both suspects remain at large.

Source: Associated Press

The Amish Are Watching You!

Contrary to popular belief, the Amish are not totally disconnected from the modern world.

Although the Amish are forbidden to take pictures of themselves, an Amish store-owner in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania says he has no problem taking pictures of other people, especially when it means catching a thief.

The Amish businessman—whose name has not been released—hid an infrared hunting camera under a glove in his shed-store after a string of burglaries hit numerous Amish-owned businesses in the area, with one being hit as much as 6 times.

The suspect was caught on video, although he has not been arrested.  But the tactic has inspired other Amish store owners in the area to do the same, with one reportedly hiding one among the horse harnesses in his store.

Source:  WGAL

Casino Surveillance Professionals Gather in Las Vegas

Casino managers around the world are prepping for the World Game Protection Conference in Las Vegas.  The event is a 3-day international casino conference and exhibition dedicated entirely to casino surveillance and game protection.  Participants will gather, meet, and see other surveillance professionals and will listen and share ideas.  The following subjects will be covered –  

* The latest casino scams

* Experts & industry leaders

* Casino surveillance best practices

* State-of-the-art surveillance technology

* Casino surveillance networking “mecca”

 Who should attend?

 * Casino Surveillance Managers

* Casino Gaming Operations Managers

* Casino G.M’s/CEO’s

* Tribal Commissioners

* Casino Regulators

* Internal Auditors & Investigators

 For more information on this conference that takes place February 21st – 23rd  at Caesaer’s Palace go to http://www.worldgameprotection.com/

No Surveillance System for Laguna Beach

A jewelry store robbery in downtown Laguna Beach (Orange County) last year has sparked debate over whether installing a public surveillance system in the city’s downtown area would actually reduce crime.

Many European cities are famous for their public cameras, although opponents of the system have argued both that it is an invasion of privacy and that it is expensive and impractical.

That was the opinion of council members Kelly Boyd, Jane Egley and Verna Rollinger Tuesday night during Laguna Beach’s council meeting regarding the issue, although Mayor Elizabeth Pearson and Mayor Pro Tempore Toni Iseman voiced their support.

Police Chief Paul Workman presented the report to the council and argued that while the cameras would probably not help police fight crimes in progress, they would be an invaluable asset to police investigations.

“The problem,” he adds, “is we do not have staff to be able to just sit and watch the cameras.”

Ultimately, Rollinger said the effects of the cameras in preventing crime were too uncertain to justify the inevitably large expense of the project.

The council ended the debate by voting no.

Source: OC Register

Veterinarian Installs Surveillance to Stop Pet Dumping

Managers at a veterinary clinic in Chesire, England are resorting to CCTV cameras to catch people who are dumping off their pets in freezing conditions at a shelter that is already overpopulated with abandoned animals.  The recession and owners fed up with Christmas present pets have contributed to this awful trend.  So says the staff at Broom Cottage in Wilmslow.

“It’s become a serious problem and we hope we can catch people with the CCTV,“ said Broom Cottage nurse trainee Louise Haran, who has recently taken in four abandoned cats.

Louise added, “The abandoned animals cost us money, we have to run tests on them, perhaps keep them in isolation and pay for treatments…The owners are sneaky and dump them when we are at our busiest.”  Louise says the record pet dumping also comes down to cash-strapped owners having sick pets.

“We often get older pets which have become ill and people just dump them…When the animal comes to us we don’t know anything about its background, it’s not fair on the animal.”

(via Wilmslow Express)

LW1010 – Color Wireless Surveillance System w/ Camera

The LW1010 Color Wireless Surveillance System with Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision Camera is an easy to use and install system to monitor your home and/or business. The receiver connects to any television and the system can be expandable up to 2 cameras for added security.

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