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Victims Use Built-In GPS on iPhone to Find Burglar

At 23 years old, you should have a firm understanding on today’s technology. iPhones aren’t anything new. GPS went main-stream more than 6 years ago and there is no place in the world that you can hide from Siri or the On-Star lady, unless you turn your ‘Location Services’ setting off and even then- somebody somewhere (*cough* US Government *cough*)is always tracking a smart phone’s whereabouts.

I’m not an expert on iPhones or Droids, but even I could tell you these simple facts. Either oblivious, delirious or plain stupid, 23 year old Timothy Patrick from Arcadian Park, South Carolina somehow managed to let this very common, very public knowledge slip his mind the night of Friday, September 21st in Charleston, SC (according to WTOC-TV 11, Southeastern Georgia).

Charleston PD Information Officer Charles Francis said Patrick had broken in to a downtown apartment and stolen several items, including 2 iPhones. The victims woke up about 7am the next morning and tracked the phones to two downtown cross streets. There they found Patrick carrying one of their book bags that was also stolen during the burglary. They notified the police and Patrick was taken in to custody and charged with first-degree burglary as well as possession of marijuana and another controlled substance.

Without a doubt- he is our dumb criminal of the week. I don’t know the Charleston area well, but let’s put some pieces of this story together to try to understand the nature of this criminal and how we prevent similar morons in the future from intruding on our lives.

First unintelligent choice: Patrick didn’t power down the iPhones. It’s the only way to get an iPhone off the grid. It’s almost as if he was waiting for a call…

Second unintelligent choice: Downtown areas are always populated. First he steals from a downtown apartment, and then he takes a Saturday morning stroll around… downtown? I guess we’re passed the era of getaway cars and hide-outs?

Third unintelligent choice: Wearing around a stolen book bag. I mean- come on man. Why don’t you just paint a target on yourself? And while you’re at it, use one of the stolen iPhones, post a picture of you and your righteous new bag on Facebook, ‘check-in’ with your cross streets and make sure the Charleston Police Department is ‘following’ you. Heck, you might even get a ‘Like’ on your pic, bro.

What can we learn from Patrick, who- might I add- was already on probation for another burglary? I can assure you that not all criminals are this dumb. Some are- and for these slow thinking prowlers, a simple door-window sensor or trip wire system near the front and back doors of your home or business will probably be enough to at least scare them away.

For the burglars who find weak points on your property- we always recommend a camera system. With a home surveillance system, you now have visual proof of what your criminal looks like. If they escape their attempted burglary unscathed, their picture will now be on public display because of your cameras- and for the innocence they steal from you, they’ll lose their own in public. Just in case they put a little more tact into their iPhone-napping than Good Ole’ Tim.

Ralph Winn



See the article on wtoc.com here.

How Safe Is Your City?

Every year the FBI publishes head-scratching statistics on all crimes committed across the United States, going into great detail, city-by-city. Why is it head-scratching? Because the numbers are outrageous! If football is our most popular sport and the Fast and the Furious is still making sequels, it’s clear that we are a violent culture, but these numbers might change the way you look at your neighborhood. In this blog we’ll go through four U.S. cities, ranging from the suburbs to the Big City to ask the question: How safe is your city? And just a heads up- we’re going to stay away from murders, rapes and aggravated assaults- you get enough of that on TruTV. Instead we’ll keep our attention at property crimes, robberies and burglaries. Let’s start at Home Security Store’s home in Riverside, California.

Riverside, California

Riverside is a suburb of Los Angeles, in the heart of Southern California and the Inland Empire. Filled by a somewhat desert landscape, Riverside features both suburbs and a popular downtown area: A great representation of two types of American city structure. In 2012, Riverside featured some staggering numbers in regards to crime. With a population just over 313,000 people, 10,818 property crimes were committed. That means 3 and half percent of Riverside’s citizens were bound to fall victim to property crime. 2,247 burglaries were committed and 517 robberies took place. Now let’s look at the middle of our country.

Norman, Oklahoma

Norman is home to the University of Oklahoma Sooners and features a more open-ended landscape. Hills are sparse and although there is a downtown area, this Middle-of-the-US town could be best classified as a suburb with much more space between properties than you’d find in a place like sunny Southern California. In 2012, Norman had a population of near 114,000 people and 3,050 property crimes were committed. The good news? The numbers are similar to Southern California, giving consistency to our crime-to-population statistics. The bad news? 2.67% of Normans were on the unfortunate end of a property crime. 629 burglaries were committed and 54 robberies took place last year. Based on the numbers, this is one of the more safe places to live. Especially when you look at our next city.

Flint, Michigan

Flint is well known in American culture as the city that lost its way. Featured in Michael Moore’s documentary ‘Roger and Me,’ we often think of scarce jobs and empty automotive factories as the face of Flint. Perhaps an image not often associated with this once great American city though is its very high crime rates. Over 101,000 residents occupied Flint in 2012 and 5,645 of those residents felt the heartache and frustration of property crime (5.5%). With basically the same population, Flint experiences twice the property crime rate as Norman and 2,979 burglaries and 673 robberies were committed there last year. Let’s jump the largest city on the map to see if over-population has any effect on crime.

New York, New York

With over 8 million Americans crowding the city, The Big Apple features the largest population of a single city in America. Sky scrapers, ever-stretching parks and Atlantic Ocean access characterize this conglomerate of a city. With more population comes more crime, right? Let’s check it out: In 2012, 142,760 property crimes were reported in NYC. If we do the math.. that’s.. wait a second.. 1.7% of New Yorkers have property crime committed against them? The biggest city in America has the lowest property crime rate on this list? Only 18,635 burglaries and 20,201 robberies took place in the city last year. Although those numbers are large, for a city this big a culture this violent- not bad New Yorkers.

In no way is this short list a great portrait of American crime culture, but I do believe there is something to be learned here. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a suburb, a college town, a broken city or a world powerhouse of population- crime exists everywhere and it comes in all different shapes and sizes. What you’ll never be able to read on a statistic table is the fabric of human nature, of American nature. We’re consumers and when we run out of our own things to consume, we’ll naturally consume each other.

Our goal at Home Security Store is to shrink all of these numbers. There is a solution to avoid being one of these statistics and the answer ranges from business and home alarm systems to full surveillance camera set-ups. Enrich yourselves with all we have to offer on our website and join the large percentage of Americans who are not effected by senseless crimes.

Data Source: http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2012/preliminary-annual-uniform-crime-report-january-december-2012/tables/table-4/view

Smart Home, Smart Phone

What do your home and your mobile phone have in common? Both can be modified for your daily comfort and convenience. And both can be programmed to increase your safety. In fact, these two can often work together in delivering all of these benefits to you. What I’m talking about, of course, are the ways in which your home’s security and automation devices can be used to interact with your smartphone and vice versa.


A New Frontier In Home Automation

In previous blog posts, we’ve introduced you to some of the best DIY gadgets and devices that can assist you in creating a smart home. A few such examples include keyless entry systems, remote controlled lighting kits and video intercoms. Each of these help to automate the home environment in an effort to save you time and create a most comfortable ambient experience that you’ll never want to leave.


A New Frontier in Home Security

We’ve also introduced you to some pretty new and very smart security devices that can also be controlled via your smartphone. Devices like Lorex Vantage Stream Wireless Network Camera offer you peace of mind and safety whether you are at home or away. While plenty of smart devices are available in our main store, we wanted to take a moment to update you on even more ways in which a simple do-it-yourself installation can increase your use of modern home technology, while working to keep your property and family safe at the same time. And, of course, all of this can be accomplished right from the palm of your hand!


From One Touchscreen to Another

Honeywell makes a very smart touchscreen device, which allows users to operate an alarm system, surveillance cameras, lighting and more. Whether touching icons on-screen or remotely accessing the unit from a smartphone’s screen, the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch-Screen Keypad with built-in WiFi offers end users a wide range of automation and home security functions. The device can even be used as a digital picture frame for photos stored on an SD card. From setting a thermostat to arming and disarming an alarm system, devices like this one offer home owners simplicity and the convenience of installing a single device in order to centralize security and home automation controls, while also allowing the same unit to communicate with smartphone technology. Literally, this device turns your smartphone into a virtual keypad for your home security system as well as your home automation devices.


Smartphone Apps for Better Home Security

If the whole idea of remotely controlling your home via smartphone sounds complicated to you, we assure you that it isn’t. Along with security manufacturers and mobile phone developers, app developers are also working very hard to create smooth, hassle-free remote interaction with smart homes. In fact, you can visit your app store right now and find a variety of applications created for this purpose. For example, SuperLivePro and other apps by developer Peng Antai allow users to remotely view surveillance footage from devices like the LTS All-In-One 8 Channel DVR with built in 10-inch LCD monitor. We are not in any way affiliated with this app, but merely highlight it as one example of many that are available for smart home and smart phone automation.


What Might the Future Hold?

So, as you can see, home security and automation technologies are able to communicate with mobile technologies in ways that were only a part of our collective imaginations just a few decades ago. Most of us cannot even begin to imagine the things that we’ll be able to do with smart home and smart phone technology in the future, but one thing’s for sure…Home Security Store will keep a close eye on this emerging market and we will continue to bring you the best devices and technology made available to the DIY sector. And, of course, we’ll always provide you with the best technical support to assure that you get the most out of your installations at all times.

As these technologies continue to merge, we can also expect public interest to grow. For some home security vendors, this interest prompts a rise in price– both for equipment and labor. Be assured, however, that Home Security Store will always present you with reasonable DIY options so that you can enjoy the best in home automation and security without breaking the bank.


What’s On Your Mind?

What types of gadgets, applications and devices do you use for home automation and security? Which ones would you most recommend to our readers? What is your level of satisfaction with these items? Are there products or applications that you’d like to have access to which you currently do not?


Tell us what you think about the marriage of smart homes, smartphones and home security, in general. Your comments are the lifeblood of this blog and we hope that you’ll take this opportunity to share your thoughts with us in the special section reserved just for you below.

The Next Step In Spy Gear

Until recently, I always had this blockade in my brain when it came to writing about spy gear. See, you want to bring out the best in a product, but you don’t want to lie about it. I’ve seen some pretty impressive spy gear enter our doors and quickly exit to our customers, spy gear that takes great imagination to create. But even with these groundbreaking and excitingly innovative products, the question still rang in my head: Can I truly call any of these ‘The Best?’

So I went with the process of elimination to find Home Security Store’s greatest spy camera. That list was narrowed down to about 10 products. Suddenly I realized, I have to ask a different question: What is missing from home security spy gear? We have high-resolution cameras, brilliant mediums for them to hide in (clock radios, sunglasses, etc.), large storage spaces for footage and even night-vision. But something is still missing.

As fate would have it, the answer was delivered to Home Security Store’s doorstep a few weeks ago. It is safe to say that we’ve turned a corner in the spy camera world and even the home security world in general. No more setting up cameras around the house and scrolling through hours of meaningless, uneventful footage. No more waiting for something to happen..

Imagine a spy camera system that sends your video footage directly to your phone, tablet or computer- as it happens. That’s what the SleuthGear ZoneShield Hidden Camera System is all about.

Let’s start with the disguises. We carry 7 different disguises for the Spy Cameras, all of which will fit in any corner of your home. We’re talking every day appliances that are normal home fixtures from bedrooms to kitchens. Here are the disguises: Hidden Camera Smoke Detector, Hidden Camera Digital Picture Frame, Hidden Camera Clock Radio (some models w/ Night-Vision), Hidden Camera Wall Clock, Hidden Camera Oscillating Fan (w/ Night-Vision), Hidden Camera Air Purifier and the SleuthGear Zone Shield Hidden Camera iPod Dock w/ Night-Vision.

In each of these well-crafted disguises is a high quality camera that shoots in color at 500 TV Lines (TVL), or 720×480 pixel resolution. High Quality Camera? Check.

Here’s what makes this system unique. With each camera (excluding add-ons) you receive a Quad Receiver. The Quad receiver captures, stores and relays footage to mobile devices.

For example, you have the option to record to an SD card (up to 32GB) or directly to a computer to save even more footage. Each receiver comes with a unique web link, which you just type in to your internet address bar (for Internet Explorer or Chrome) and Shazam! With an internet connection, immediately you’re looking at live footage of your bedroom, kitchen or den. For an iPhone or iPad, simply download the Free “EZ-SEE” App and your video will show up there.

The receiver also relays to a home monitor, should you want to look-in on the living room while you’re in the bedroom. The regular quad receiver feeds a monitor via RCA cables- and just so there’s no confusion, these Quad Receivers are virtually DVRs (Digital Video Recorders). If you want to combine the DVR and monitor experience in to one device, the alternative to a simple Quad Receiver is the Quad LCD Receiver, which is no bigger than a tablet. That’s a full hidden camera home security system- literally- right in the palm of your hands.

Just like most home security camera systems, you don’t have to stop with one camera. Each receiver supports up to 4 of them and we stock Zone Shield Hidden Cameras individually as add-ons. Also- the Receivers can record all 4 channels at once and the App and computer web link will feed you all 4 of them live.

Thankfully, the blockade has vanished from my brain. It is clear that this is top-notch spy equipment and I’m not afraid to write about the stellar capability of it. The power of the human imagination and how it can be used to protect all of us has come to fruition with the SleuthGear Zone Shield Hidden Camera System.

Property Lines and Neighbor Disputes – One Creative Solution

4 million years ago, there were no property lines. There was no distinction of where this Caveman’s territory began and where others’ ended. Sure we used lake banks and tree lines as indicators, but if any neighboring facial-haired savages dared step foot anywhere this side of Lake Halomalopalo (named after my wife), we would spar- and I didn’t lose a sparring match. Ever.

Not much has changed in humans over the last 4 million years. We’ve become cleaner and a little more sophisticated, but we still fight for land, for law, for love. One thing that has done a complete 180 is property line disputes.

A few months ago, I had a property line dispute with my neighbor. He wanted to pour concrete between his side yard and house for a walk way, but needed a certain amount of distance from his house to meet city code. Because we were part of the curve of our cul-de-sac, our homes sit in an odd position and I made it clear I didn’t want part of his new side walk way taking up my lawn space. Ignoring my wishes, he chose to pour on my property line anyway. Was it the end of the world? No. But I must say- it’s pretty slimy to go against your neighbor’s wishes and he made sure the concrete truck showed up while I was at work.

I could’ve lost my cool. I could’ve called the cops. I could’ve done a lot of things to get in his face and make my point. Instead, I got creative. Because of the strange caddy-corner positioning of our house, I always figured the property line was skewed and our fences were built despite it. After doing some research, my theory was proved true. The fence in his backyard stuck in to my backyard 7 more feet than it should have. 7 feet! And wouldn’t you like to know what I did with this in my back pocket.

One of the top selling perimeter protectors in the home security industry is the BBA-2500 Dakota Alert Solar Powered Wireless Break Beam System. Basically, you set the two transmitters up evenly on posts up to 300 feet apart from each other. Then, they shoot out an invisible and infrared beam of light. When the beam is broken, a signal is sent to the receiver inside your home and the receiver begins to chime. Guess what I did with mine.

I went in to my neighbor’s backyard one day while he was at work and installed the transmitters right on my property line. When dark begins to fall, the BBA-2500 is near impossible to see. At dusk every day, my neighbor would come in to his backyard and water his garden, which, unfortunately for him- was actually on my property according to the city planning schematics. Then, I rigged up a huge speaker and microphone next to the BBA-2500’s receiver- cranking up the speaker volume and pointing it directly at his home.

The first night he triggered it was HILARIOUS. He takes his hose towards his garden, begins to water his roses and “WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” The alarm goes off. This dude was scared brainless. He fell on his back, yelped like a Chihauhau and judging by his very slow bodily movement afterwards- he might’ve had a mild heart attack. Then there was the puppy dog experimentation phase. He’d cross the beam line, get startled, do it again- over and over. He just could not figure it out.

After being in fear of watering his own garden for 2 days, he finally knocks on my door. I open it and get an ear full of this: “I know you’re setting off some kind of alarm when I go to garden and it needs to stop!”

I’m not setting off some kind of alarm” I reply in a sly tone. He goes to speak again and I hand him the manual for the BBA-2500. He reads through it quickly and looks back at me. “YOU INSTALLED SECURITY IN MY BACKYAR—“ I hand him a copy of the property line schematics. His face drops. It’s perfect.

I’m not the rub-it-in-your-face type, so I kindly explain that I’ll take down the BBA-2500 and use it for more meaningful perimeter protection in my backyard and that I’m not angry about the concrete, but now Chihauhau Man knows that he needs to obey my wishes next time. Cause next time, I won’t use a Wireless Break Beam System. Next time, we’ll spar. And this Caveman doesn’t lose in a sparring match.

Home Security Store offers a Solution to Help Keep Children Safe from Gun Violence at School

Alarm Systems, security cameras, and door locks may be Home Security Store’s bread and butter, but a new line of product is getting its fair share of attention as well.  Home Security Store has brought in Utah based Amendment 2’s Youth Ballistic Backpacks, which offers military grade protection for school-aged children.

“It’s a controversial new option for parents to consider,” says Home Security Store Marketing Manager Annie Blanco.  Blanco says Home Security Store researched about a dozen or so manufacturers before deciding to bring in Amendment 2’s Ballistic Backpacks.

“The shields sewn into these backpacks are made up of RynoHide, which offers superior strength, flexibility, lightness, and affordability.  The RynoHide looks and feels like regular fabric, however it works much like bullet-proof materials,” says Blanco.

The Armored Youth Ballistic Backpack, which comes in a variety of colors, offers Level 2 personal protection against such danger stemming from .357 Magnum, .45, .40 and 9mm handguns.  Backpack manufacturers say this is personal protection in its highest form.

“The backpack can be quickly brought to the front as a shield or can serve as center of mass protection while fleeing the scene of the shooting,” adds Blanco.

The back pack weighs about 1.5 pounds and is a good fit for children of many sizes.   It retails at Home Security Store for $300.  In addition, the backpack holds an interior organizer panel, web top handle, water bottle holder and a headphone exit port.

 About Home Security Store, Inc.

Home Security Store is the premiere online ecommerce website specializing in affordable DIY wireless and hardwired home alarms, security camera systems, fire protection, spy equipment, survival gear, and more.  The company brings together highly-trained, professional technicians and a state-of-the-art product line to provide the most comprehensive security source found online.  The company offers FREE and FAST shipping, plus FREE tech support.  For more go to http://www.homesecuritystore.com

Horror Movies and Home Security

With lighthearted nature, let’s talk about how proper home security measures could have be taken to help stop the reign of terror of such horror movie icons as Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and Freddie Krueger.

Let’s blast in to the past.

Friday the 13th1980, Camp Crystal Lake: The first thing these wild camp counselors needed was adult supervision, but that’s no fun in horror movie land so let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the teenagers from “Friday the 13th” as their trapped in a cabin and think: Home Security.

We’re 19 years old, trapped in a cabin and a humongous psychopath with a machete and a hockey mask is standing right outside our door. We know he’s there, he’s already obliterated two of our friends and the only thing standing between him and us is a lock on the door. Our adrenaline is through the roof, our death is impending so we start playing the “What I should have done differently” game.

Home Security Lesson Learned: I should’ve bought a Guard Dog (not an actual dog). I doubt Jason Voorhees has ever used a door handle in his life, so a Guard Dog has to come in handy here. It is a second layer of lock protection that holds a door firmly closed from the inside, even when a door handle is broken. Please Note: Our experts have never tested the Guard Dog on Jason Voorhees- because that’s impossible- but we are confident it will keep out most burglars and at bare minimum scare the living daylights out of them with its motion sensitive siren- sold here at Home Security Store.

Haddonfield, Illinois, Halloween 1978. We’re looking at the world through the eyes of Laurie Strode: an innocent, conservative high school student who volunteered her October 31st to babysit a family friend’s son. A masked man has been quietly following her all day, but she suspects no harm.

Haddonfield was a quiet town. For a “Cat in a Tree” call, it’s almost guaranteed that the entire police force and fire department would show up at the drop of a dime. Now, Laurie was protected inside her home, the doors were locked and even though he was tagged as “The Boogeyman,” Michael Myers was still human, not to mention a sloth in his movement.

Home Security Lesson Learned: GET AN ALARM SYSTEM LAURIE! Loud noises scare all people- even the Boogeyman. Almost guaranteed a police officer would’ve been there within 5 minute of it being triggered. Tell me you can’t find a hiding place in your home and evade terror from a slow thinking and tortoise-like crazy man for 5 minutes! Instead- this girl has lived sequel after sequel in fear and despair.. For Over 30 years Now (Rumors of another sequel in 2015)!! And all she needed was an alarm system and possibly some glass break detectors.

Springwood, Ohio, 1984. This is without a doubt the hardest horror movie situation to prepare for, because the characters in “Nightmare On Elm Street” aren’t playing on their home turf. Although they are playing the game of mortality in their own dreams, they are in Freddie’s World- and he has complete control. So let’s fast forward to the end of the film.

Nancy has discovered a secret- You can pull things out of the dream world, including Freddie himself, so her battle is on 2 fronts: Survive the dream world and be prepared for when you pull him back to the real world.

Survive the Dream World Security Lesson: Nancy should’ve mentally prepared herself for self-defense, and all she had to do was read our blog here on HomeSecurityStore.com. She should’ve read it 5 times for all 5 of Freddie’s finger blades. All she had to do was survive a few minutes!

Real World Home Security Lesson: If you remember the film, Nancy was almost killed in the dream world because she didn’t wake up when her alarm goes off. Lesson- Get an ear-piercing alarm system. Then, when she does drag Freddie back to the real world- Mace Pepper Gun, followed by non-stop karate chops to the face. Also use self-defense lessons.

This was a parody and I hope you enjoyed it, but just in case you get a call this Friday night from a raspy-voiced man on the other end asking “What’s your favorite scary movie?” – Now you know what home security measures you have to take to stay safe.

A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

What is a parent’s worst nightmare? We’re all different, but I can personally say that more than death, a Caveman’s biggest fear is the loss of his child. You spend your whole life protecting, nourishing and making them fit for the world. The most unimaginable is that same world stealing them away from you.

Reading statistics on child kidnappings per year really got my blood flowing and it should get your insides fiery too. Did you know that the U.S. Department of Justice has reported “797,500 children younger than 18 were reported missing in a one-year period of time” (MissingKids.com). That’s over two thousand children a day. Two Thousand. I hope you’d agree with me when I say: That is unacceptable. I’d prefer not to talk about the demented stories of each kidnapping due to some of the graphic nature, but if you would like to read more on the subject, visit this link: MissingKids.com.

My question is: Why? How is your child’s safety not your top priority every day? Are you doing everything you can to at least keep them in your peripherals? Obviously, we put a lot of trust in each other in this society. We expect our teachers to guide, our officers to protect and our neighbors to keep a watchful eye on our property as we will theirs’.

But: Two thousand a day. If that doesn’t scream “THIS IS A FLAWED SYSTEM” I don’t know what does.

This life is a busy one, I know that as well as anyone and nobody expects parents to hold their child’s hand through everything they do in life, but you need to know that there are ways to protect them even when they’re out of sight. And there are ways to do it discreetly.

GPS and tracking devices are step one. Trackers can go everywhere from pant pockets to shoe laces to backpacks. They come in lots of different guises, from teddy bears to key chains to classic plastic or metal devices. The physical appearance of the tracker depends on you and your child’s age but truthfully, after reading those statistics I would’ve bought a 10 pound brick and dropped it in my kid’s bag if it meant their safety. Luckily 10 pound brick trackers have no place in today’s GPS technology. To find a GPS/Tracking Device that fits your needs, visit Home Security Store’s dedicated tracking page: http://www.homesecuritystore.com/c-127-gps-tracking.aspx.

There are lots of folks out there who think child GPS tracking devices are inhumane- a breach of natural rights if you will. I turn around and ask them this: Is it less humane to place a GPS device in a child’s back pack, or to watch them leave for school one day and never come home?

Forget unspoken rules of the collective well-being of all and putting your children’s lives in the trust of this society. You as well as I know that America’s once shared quiet brotherhood of common good and safety hardly exists anymore, if at all. Prepare, prepare, prepare! Two Thousand Children a day- don’t let your child be a statistic.

Alienation: Why You Need Home Security Now More Than Ever

Before I begin, I would like to note that this is personal opinion mixed with statistics. Simply an opinion, from a simple Caveman. Ok, here we go:

America has changed. As technology has moved forward, our minds and bodies have moved inwards. Let me clarify:

“Nearly half of all American adults (45%) and two-thirds of all young adults now own a smart phone.. 31% of American adults now own tablet computers” and you can imagine how many personal computers and laptops are jammed into each home in our techno-savvy nation. Furthermore, “80% of cell phone owners use their cell phone to send or receive text messages” and “as of December 2012, 67% of online adults use social networking sites” (Pewinternet.org).

Fancy statistics, I hear you. But what do they mean? Well- let me ask you this: What’s the difference between sending a text message and actually calling someone? Is it more meaningful to say “Happy Birthday!” to a friend on Facebook or to show up to their birthday dinner and truly celebrate with them?

I’m not arguing that smart phones and social networking sites are bad. In fact, I think they’re genius. But they are driving us inward. You might be one of the greatest people-persons the world has ever seen, but if you’re not a good writer- you’ll never be judged as a great communicator on Facebook or via text. These technologies have made life easier, no doubt, but they are also alienating us from others. Think about it. You might’ve had 25 different conversations today, booked a lunch meeting for tomorrow and organized a ride home for your kids from soccer practice without ever hearing another person’s voice.

What’s your point, Caveman?!

In the future, we will be in a state of isolationism and alienation. Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans currently work from home? “And that number is expected to increase by 63% in the next five years, according to a study by the Telework Research Network” (Forbes.com).

If many of us are eventually destined to work from home, what is the most important thing we can do for ourselves?

Invest in home security. Alarm systems, surveillance cameras and exterior alert devices are the airbags of the future.

My number one goal in life is to provide a safe environment for my family to grow and be happy in. I can’t protect them while they’re online because I’m not as big of a computer guy as I probably should be. I can, however, build a fortress of security around them while they’re safe and in my home.

I think there are a lot of people out there who just don’t understand home security technology or just don’t want to get ripped off. Here’s some truth: There are cost-friendly solutions to home security systems everywhere and most of the technology is not very complex. Many alarm systems for example feature touch-screens and very simple installations. They are no more complex than understanding how to upload pictures and tag your friends in them on Facebook. As far as getting ripped off- you have to do your research. Find a home security system that matches your lifestyle and go with your gut.

Believe what you want to about the future, but ask yourself this question before you go: How many people have you verbally talked to today? Now pace back to 5 years ago today. Same question. Has the number shrunk? Do you eventually see your home becoming family and business central? If so, it’s time to protect it the right way.

Boy, do I miss the good ole days of cave dwelling.

– Caveman



Pew Research Center Statistics: Click Here And Here

Forbes article: “One In Five Americans Work From Home, Numbers Seen Rising Over 60%”

The Most Undetectable Spy Camera

Is a full-blown camera system too bulky for the décor of your home? Fair enough. But don’t you still want to know what happens in your home while you are away? I did. That’s why I recently started doing research on spy cameras until I found the perfect fit.

The bummer about spy cameras: their image quality and storage capacity usually doesn’t even come close to a proficient and recommended surveillance camera system. The benefits: Most of them are built with so much expert thought that they are truly undetectable.

I have some strict requirements when it comes to spy cameras that I’ll invest in: 1) They must have a built-in DVR; 2) That DVR should hold at least 2 GB worth of memory; 3) The image quality must be at least 320×240 resolution; 4) They should have a USB connection to my computer.

I have these requirements for a reason. The spy cams I have installed are for weekend use. If I’m leaving town for the weekend, I want to know what’s happening while I’m away. With these requirements, I can turn on or set my spy cams to motion detection record, they’ll record all activity for the entire weekend and when I get home, I just plug them into my computer via USB port and immediately I find out what I missed.

My most highly recommended Spy Cam is the KJB Power Outlet Spy Cam. They stick to a wall and have 2 different face plates (white and light beige) to match the other outlets in your home. Now, think about the blue print of your home. How many different places could you place this disguised wall outlet and get away with it? I have 2 of them. One in the living room near the front door where I can view my entire living room from wall to wall and one in my bedroom at waist-height, right next to my television.

Nobody has ever even considered that these things could be spy cameras because they are very well-designed surveillance cams. More so, they meet my spy cam requirements. My KJB Power Outlet Spy Cams shoot at 640×480 resolution and support up to a 32 GB Mini SD card. That’s more than enough storage space to hold all the footage they captured over the weekend. I also have the option to record in standard VGA or bump the quality up to HD.

The best feature about this spy cam, in my opinion, is the Passive Infrared Motion Detector that picks up heat from up to 15 feet away. Its effectiveness is paramount. I began truly trusting this spy cam after it caught my dog ripping up a pillow on my couch, at least 19 feet from the camera. I looked through the footage when I got home from a weekend trip and its sensitivity level absolutely stunned me. It also has a snap shot mode if I want to conserve memory space and the battery lasts roughly 5 days in standby mode.

Spy cams are discreet and to the point. The technology in them these days is truly amazing and they’re more dependable than a lot of people tend to imagine. Cameras in businesses have also been known to keep employee productivity up. Oh, and did I mention? This spy cam records sound too. I was on the fence about spy cams, but now I see their value: peace of mind, when I need it.